Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Gee, I wonder Why That Is

Kevin Drum, writing in Mother Jones magazine can't seem to figure out why it is that Anti-Semitic violence is on the decline in the USA but on the rise on Europe and elsewhere.

All Mr. Drum seems able to conclude is that:

I just thought the stark difference between the U.S. and Europe was interesting, as was the fact that the U.S. numbers appear to be driven by overall levels of violent crime, while European numbers are driven by something quite different.

What ever could that "something quite different" be? Amazing how he lacks the ability to look at the data and even hazard a guess. It's apparently an imponderable and great mystery to him.

There's an elephant in the room that Mr. Drum dare not mention and keep his progressive credentials, and he tries to claim the far right is behind the uptick in violence and ignore the jihadi behind the curtain.

As always with the progressives, they fear that dark night of fascism is descending in America when instead it is on course to land in Europe.

In this case Drum and his fellow progressives just can't mention, nor even consider, the I-word -- Islam -- and radicalized Islamic adherents in these regions which would well and truly explain the source of the rise in Anti-Semitic violence outside the USA.

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