Thursday, February 05, 2015

Leaving And Leaving On A Jet Plane

Travel can be interesting sometimes.

In this case we spent a longer time on the plane on the ground than we did in the air.

None of these issues were really the airline's fault, in this case Spirit, just a bunch of circumstances that snowballed into a massive delay.

Boarding was actually quite efficient so kudos to Spirit Airlines for making the process actually work for once.

First there was a long line for deicing of the plane. Since conditions were for ice, ice, and more ice, this wasn't optional.

Then just after we got deuces the wind shifted and instead of taking off directly from the runway right beside the deicingpad we had to do a tour de tarmac.

Then just as we reached the hold short line at the runway an announcement came over the intercom "is there a doctor , nurse or paramedic on board?"

It seems an elderly gentlemen on the way to a wedding started having some serious health issues. An ambulance arrived and he and some of his party were offloaded. Then they had to remove their luggage, refuel and deice the plane yet again. As the air conditioning system can't be running during deicing this made the plane rather hot and stuffy, but overall it a huge deal. We finally got to the right runway and took off to much applause from all. The pilots and crew were pretty good about it and rather apologetic but it wasn't their fault.

We arrive about two and a half hours late for a three hour flight. But, we did arrive safe and sound and it's warmer by far where we are now so I'm not complaining.

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