Monday, February 23, 2015

Got MIGs?

A short but neat snippet of an article on Israel's MIGs, many obtained through subterfuge by encouraging enemy pilots to defect, and how they've been used to familiarize Israeli (and also American) pilots with the opposition's aircraft capabilities. IAF's Enemy Planes

Note that the MIG-21 obtained in an Israeli Mossad operation when an Iraqi pilot was encouraged to defect had a most fitting identity number painted on it - 007.


juvat said...

I can neither confirm nor deny that I have seen a Mig-21 in mock aerial combat thanks to the assistance from our ally in the Middle East. Suffice it to say, had I engaged in that form of training, it would have been very eye-opening and educational.

Murphy's Law said...

And now Mig-21 aircraft can be had fairly cheaply these days, thanks to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the need for hard cash by their former satellite states.

Come on, lottery payout!