Saturday, February 21, 2015

Well This Is Going To Be Just Great Part 2

Well it turns out the scum who falsely filed a Federal tax return in our names have also filed a false Michigan State tax return as well.

We've sent in the appropriate fraud affidavits, flagged our credit etc.

But, to date no one at IRS or Michigan State Treasury has contacted us regarding this, nor can we get through to a live human to make sure this is being dealt with. Still no assistance on how to file valid returns to make sure they are accepted, but I've at least found out the returns will need to be on paper with all sorts of additional hassles.

Apparently this fraud is becoming even easier because you can now get the option that instead of a traditional refund check or direct deposit to a bank account, the IRS can send out a Visa Card loaded with the refund money.

Can you say thanks for enabling fraudsters?

Not amused at all.


Old NFO said...

Oh damn. That is going to take a while to unscrew. Best of luck sir!

Murphy's Law said...

Gotta love an "enabler" government that gives out quickie tax refunds on pre-paid Visa cards instead of issuing "ID required" paper checks to those who, for some reason (illegal aliens and hood rats) do not have bank accounts. That's why we have this explosion in fraud--Obama Admin. pandering to it's base of voters who don't want or cannot get bank accounts.