Thursday, March 14, 2013

Detroit EFM Named, Idiotic Traffic Protests Continue

Kevyn Orr, an experience restructuring attorney has been appointed to be the Emergency Financial Manager for Detroit.

As is necessary under the reality of Detroit's racial identity politics, he's black.

Thankfully for Detroit, he's got something more important than his skin color to qualify him for the job -- he's a very competent and capable man and may just be what Detroit needs to pull it out of it death spiral.

Meanwhile, yet more demonstrators were protesting the appointment of an EFM by messing with traffic on the highways: Demonstrators disrupt freeway traffic to protest emergency financial manager

They effectively managed to demonstrate they were idiots but didn't accomplish much else.

Deliberately messing with traffic in rush hour should be a hanging offense, or at least a Tasing lasting as many minutes as the miles under the speed limit they were driving.

Sadly, most of them will just get impeding traffic tickets and be sent on their way. However, quite a few of them are certainly not the sharpest tools in the shed:

[Michigan State Police Lieutenant] Shaw said that last week 10 people were cited for driving under the minimum speed limit, two people were arrested for driving with suspended licenses, three people were busted for having outstanding misdemeanor warrants and a gun was taken away from one protestor whose concealed pistol license had expired.

Like I said, Detroit idiots.

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Scott said...

Whether Mr. Orr is successful or not, I fear the worst for Detroit. There are too many Watson-ites there who will not care about the improvements, will not care about the good being done, but will only care about their race-baiting and racial agendas.

I guess I'm part of the right wing she so despises, and I say to Ms. Watson and her ilk: Your belief that racism is what is behind the EM is flat-out delusional. There is no racist cabal that wants to enslave you again, there is no right-wing conspiracy to disenfranchise you or any of your friends, neighbors, colleagues, or family.

What does exist is a large number of out-state Michiganders of all persuasions who don't want to be brought down by your lunacy. And that is exactly what will happen. Brooks Patterson and Mark Hackel (sp?), Oakland and Macomb County Executives, respectively, have both been told by bond rating agencies that their credit ratings will be dropped as soon as Detroit files for bankruptcy, strictly because of their two counties proximity to Detroit.

It's not about Detroit any more. It's about Michigan. The Watsonites need to face reality.