Thursday, March 07, 2013

Detroit Mayor Sees Reason, Won't Appeal EFM, The Detroit City Council However....

So Mayor Bing realizes some windmills aren't worth tilting at, and some appeals won't save you from the mess you're in.

The Detroit Clowncil, not so much.

The Detroit News: Detroit Mayor Dave Bing splits with council, won't fight EM decision

[City Councilman] Brown's colleague James Tate said it's unfortunate that Bing's position fuels the perception that the council and mayor cannot work together. Bing's lack of support for the appeal "means nothing," Tate said. "We are just going to move forward."

That's a full on Forward!, right over the cliff of despair, debt, and doom.

And indeed, the Detroit ministers decided to mix a little religion into the politics of this anti-EFM show.

"We pray there will be divine intervention. What council can't stop, legislation won't stop and the court won't stop, almighty God can stop," said the Rev. Robert Smith of New Bethel Baptist Church. "There are so many things we are not in charge of. We ought to at least be in charge of self-determination.

Forget about even parsing the logic of that statement. We'll simply say the sorry saga of Detroit's Democrat rule and its City Council's self-determination (and self-enrichment) has brought the city to the edge of bankruptcy and actual ruin. Apparently the good reverend's solution is to keep in charge the same idiots with their policies and mismanagement that brought it to destruction so they can keep doing it, but harder. Yeah, that'll work.

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