Sunday, March 03, 2013

Snyder To Appoint An EFM For Detroit

After continually trying to work with the City of Detroit's local government and getting played in return, Gov Snyder has finally stepped up and stated he will appojnt an Emergency Financial manage for the broke and broken city.

The Detroit News: Detroit emergency manager to curtail power of mayor, City Council

Gov. Rick Snyder said Friday he is prepared to sideline Detroit's elected officials and bring in an emergency manager to handle the city's affairs in an unprecedented effort to stave off financial collapse.

The move, which the city has 10 days to appeal, would make Detroit the largest American city ever to operate under state control and could effectively leave the mayor and nine City Council members out of a job.

Snyder said Friday he concurs with a review team report released last week that concluded Detroit is in a state of financial emergency. He praised city leaders for working to fix problems, but said it's clear the consent agreement forged in April hasn't worked swiftly enough.

"It's time to say we should stop going downhill," the governor said during an invitation-only town hall meeting Friday with media and community stakeholders.

It's long past time for the city to stop going downhill, but after giving them every chance and then even more chances beyond that, it looks like Snyder has had enough.

This was immediately met with Detroit politicians first blaming the state and then everyone but themselves for the failure of the city: Detroit's delegation in Lansing cast blame for city's financial emergency

Then the Detroit City Council and Leadership claimed they had a plan to avoid an EFM and their plan to straighten out the city would work this time and they could do it really, unlike the entire rest of the time and their previous plans while they've been in office and been unable to make it work:

Detroit mayor, council keep up fight against EM

And of course, other usuusal suspects were quick to get their names in the papers: Activist urges Detroit City Council to challenge Snyder's EFM appointment

Expect the need for plenty of popcorn over the next ten days as the City leadership keeps on fiddling as the city colapses and as they make whatever factually and legally baseless challenge to the appointment of an EFM that they can to stay in power at any cost.

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