Thursday, March 28, 2013

That's Quite The Insane Ammo Price There Folks.....

One begins to wonder how much of the ammo shortage is a real shortage, and how much is people picking stuff up to jack up in price and resell to fleece the suckers.

For example: Winchester White Box 9mm 100 rounds (case of 5 boxes) at $269.99 or$53.99 per box?

Or 1000 rounds of Remington 9mm Yellow value pack for $659.99? or get 1000 rounds of Blazer Brass 9mm for $679.99?

But those are practically reasonable compared to the real winner of the gouging prize, Cheaper than Dirt. Not content to just jack up PMags, Cheaper Than Dirt (or are they named Lower than Dirt, its so hard to tell) outdoes them all.

Cheaper Than Dirt is selling Tulammo 9mm steel case at $1.39 per round. Yes, you read that correctly. 1 farging box of 50 rounds of crap ammo for $69.59. A case of 1000 rounds would cost an insane $1,391.80! Cheaper Than Dirt sure as heck isn't.

One should note that most ammo vendors, unlike the ones above, are not taking the opportunity to put their customers over a barrel.

I'd advise thinking real hard about doing any business with these vendors now or in the future.

Free markets are fine, charging all the market can bear is fine, sucking up all the ammo so you can rip people off is however pretty darn scummy and as such should have consequences.

While they're free to rip people off, they do need to consider that people will remember how they acted in this time and choose not to buy from them now or in the future.

Hopefully when this settles down they'll be stuck with lots of overpriced ammo that they'll have to offload at a loss. Sadly, its more than likely though they're paying standard wholesale rates for it and just jacking up the price and making a killing on the situation.

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