Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pro-Criminal Element, Hand-Wringers, Shocked At Detroit Police Chief's Courage.

Yes, Detroit Police Chief James Craig actually had to hold a news conference for making the cover of NRA's magazine for the temerity to publicly favor the concept of law abiding citizens having firearms for their own protection.

The usual suspects were not pleased.

The Detroit Free Press: Detroit police chief on NRA article: 'I'm pro law-abiding citizens staying alive'

Detroit Police Chief James Craig’s stance on residents using guns to protect themselves is garnering national attention after landing him on the cover of a gun rights magazine. He reiterated his views today at a news conference, saying armed, law-abiding citizens can be a deterrent to violent crime. “I’m pro safety. I’m pro life. I’m pro law-abiding citizens staying alive, having the ability to protect themself in a dangerous situation,” he said.
He then pointed out what is obvious to those of us living in reality:

“Police officers cannot and will not be on every corner, in front of every house, every business in the city,” he said. “That’s just not realistic.”

Meanwhile the criminal coddling Ron Scott, of Belle Isle protest fame had this to say:

Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality spokesman Ron Scott called Craig’s comments “incendiary.”

“This is a public safety and community issue, not simply a Second Amendment issue,” he said in a statement.

He also called on police to find ways to “de-escalate the violence spawned by the Stand Your Ground principle,” in which citizens can use justifiable force if they feel their life is in imminent danger without any obligation to retreat.

In other words, citizens should surrender to criminals and hope they're not hurt. Mr. Scott, you're outta your element on this one as no "police brutality" is implicated by law abiding citizens defending themselves form attacking thugs. Go find your 5 minutes of fame elsewhere, you're done.

I am really liking this police chief. The man has shown he's got integrity, has shown he'll stand up for an unpopular but factual opinion and actual can call it like it is. He also will put himself on the line, and actually go after criminals unlike his predecessors.

Detroit hasn't had such a stand-up chief in over a decade, and the city may just have a chance with him at the helm of the Detroit Police Department.

Kudos to Chief Craig, and may his appearance on the cover of America's First Freedom be only the first of many magazines where this stand-up cop gets featured on the cover.


Old NFO said...

You know they are going to do everything they can to tear him down...

scott edvin said...

Criminals are also well equipped with firearms and can harm the police. So, it is essential that regular firearm and self defense training should be done by police staff to handle the critical situation easily.
Mass firearms safety course.

Murphy's Law said...

Ron Scott has been a cancer on Detroit for over two decades now, and consistently on the wrong side of every issue that he chooses to make statements on. He's a racist, but apparently here he doesn't care that most of the citizens shooting criminals are themselves black. I guess that he's more pro-criminal than he is pro-black.

Brigid said...

They need more men like him up there.

ProudHillbilly said...

Safety issue? No problem. Don't try to break into my family's house. That will keep you safe. From us, at least.