Thursday, May 22, 2014

Detroit's Population Continues To Dwindle

Detroit's population continues to decline, dropping below the 700,000 mark.

The Detroit News: Database: Suburbs gain while Detroit population drops below 700,000

The 60-year exodus from Detroit is continuing but may be slowing, as the city’s population has fallen under 700,000 residents, according to estimates released today by the U.S. Census Bureau. The government pegs the city’s population at 688,701 as of summer 2013, down nearly 10,000 residents from 2012. The rate of decline, though, has slowed to an average of 7,500 per year since 2010 compared with 24,000 per year in the 2000s. Suburban counties — Oakland, Macomb and Livingston — gained about 1 percent in population, while Wayne County lost about 1 percent, the records show. Its decline is fueled largely by Detroit, which had 1.9 million residents in 1950 and is now smaller than it was at any point since before 1920.

They already had to amend the law that allowed Detroit to levy its own income tax in 2012- they reduced the minimum population to 600,000 to make sure Detroit could still levy its pernicious income tax.

They also almost had to amend the law allowing Casinos to be built in Detroit. Luckily for Detroit, some legislative assistant had some foresight and drafted the law to say that a city may have a casino if it was a city defined as:

(l) “City” means a local unit of government other than a county which meets all of the following criteria:

(i) Has a population of at least 800,000 at the time a license is issued.

(ii) Is located within 100 miles of any other state or country in which gaming was permitted on December 5, 1996.

(iii) Had a majority of voters who expressed approval of casino gaming in the city.

Yes, only Detroit qualified in 1996 when the law was passed, and it wouldn't qualify today.

It probably also doesn't help that Detroit's abortion stats are way out of proportion to the rest of the stat eif not the country. Almost one third of all pregnancies in Detroit are aborted or 37.9 per 1000 women, compared to the rest of the state's rate of 11 per 1000.

The stats are described as third world, and yeah, that sums up the D all right. Detroit has a third-world culture complete with corruption, disregard for human life and a nihilistic outlook and until that changes were not going to see a real recovery in Motown.


Scott said...

The worst thing about it is that no one wants to deal with any of these real issues - they just want the Quicken Loans and Little Caesars of the world to come in and give them money so they can keep doing things the way they always have.

I don't fault those companies, but as you point out, Detroit's ills go much deeper than a lack of funding.

Robert said...

"Almost one third of all pregnancies in Detroit are aborted or 37.9 per 1000 women,"

Wouldn't a "third" be 333 out of every thousand, and not 37.9?