Monday, May 12, 2014

USPSA Match After-Action Report

Thanks to Mark, the club's awesome and efficient match Score-master, the match results are already up at the USPSA's site.

The club is moving to a higher technology scoring system - while keeping paper as a backup, all scores are now entered onto Nooks that travel with each squad and then are uploaded from the Nooks onto mark's computer and then into EzWinscore. This makes the scoring process a lot faster and a fair bit cooler - just tap the competitors results into place and you're done. This also makes the results quicker and you don't have to puzzle out someone's chicken-scratch on the score sheet.

Overall I did ok, landing in spot 15 of 29 Production class shooters, with my result from the classifier ranking me 10th out of 29, but still keeping me in the upper half of C class.

I'm good with accuracy but I really need to work on my speed. And once I get the speed up, I'll still need to keep being accurate while going faster.

More practice is clearly indicated, but that was a great first match of the season for me.


Six said...

Congrats on the match Aaron. I'm a Production C class shooter as well. With the retirement of the Sig I'm now in the market for a new pistol for both USPSA and 3 Gun. I ran the Glock last weekend but I'm not yet convinced it's the right gun. I have been eyeballing a new CZ...

What are you shooting?

Aaron said...


I'm shooting an M&P 9, and it's doing quite well for me indeed.

I've found that I shoot it a bit better than the Glock, and it fits my hand better as well. It already has the S&W performance sear in it, which is better than the standard one (or you can buy a stock one and put in an Apex sear - the improvement is impressive). I'm going to install an Apex RAM for a better reset, but other than that it doesn't need much

Contemplating eventually running an M&P 40 in limited, but I think that'll wait until next season.

Six said...

Thanks for the tips Aaron. I'm having the Glock worked over and I shot the CZ today. This weekend I'm going to run an M&P Pro (I think) and maybe Lu's XDm 5.25. Onward and upward. I hope.