Saturday, May 24, 2014

Your Saturday Walmart Ammo Report, It's Raining 40, With a Continuing Drought of 9 and 22.

So in preparation for the planned gathering this weekend I went by Walmart to get some needed supplies.

I also checked the Walmart Ammo counter.

As usual no one was there and it took about 15 minutes before an associate finally showed up to unlock the ammo case after I, the third person to request assistance, asked for some.

On the upside, they had a massive amount of 40S&W in stock, the most I've ever seen them have, two entire shelves full of various manufacturers and packaging, a lot of 45 ACP and a ton of 5.56. They even had a few boxes of 357 Sig, which is the first time I recall this Walmart ever having that in stock. Hmm, now I might start thinking about a 357 Barrel for my 40 M&P....

On the downside - no 9mm and no 22 LR, as in zip, nada, none, not a single box of either. Hopefully more will appear soon as I'm starting to get low in my stockpiles of both.


Jay Ater said...

Walmart here has 9mm for 14.95 a box, I got plenty so I left it for the next guy.

No 40, and most assuredly no 22.

Aaron said...

Weird. Here they're overstocked (at least for now) on 40.

I wonder when supply will catch up with demand.