Friday, May 16, 2014

Michigan Dems Introduce Bill For Firearms Registration And Then They Go Full Stupid While Doing So

In a bill that will likely go nowhere considering we have a Republican majority in the House and Senate and a Republican Governor here in Michigan, the usual Democrat representatives are up to their typical anti-gun ways.

Why they want to rile the pro-gun base up in an election year is rather questionable, perhaps they know they're not going to pickup any pro-gun vote and are just playing to their base to show they're doing something and hoping for campaign donations for Bloomberg et al?

House Bill 4774 was introduced by Reps. Townsend, Schor, Barnett, Hovey-Wright, Lipton, Irwin, Robinson, Durhal, Zemke, Singh, Roberts, Stallworth, Talabi, Hobbs, Tlaib, Dillon, Slavens, Rutledge and Oakes.

Quite a rogues gallery of Dems there, some with rather interesting backgrounds.

The bill would require a license to purchase any firearm and that all firearms are to be registered, not just pistols as is currently (and annoyingly) the case in Michigan.

But wait, there's more.

Understand that these legislators don't really understand current Michigan firearms law, so they merely went through and changed the word Pistol to Firearm in existing law regarding purchase transport and licensing (registration). This creates some major problems and lots of stupidity.

If this law is enforced as they have written it, then no one from outside the state could bring a long gun into the state unless they were licensed by their their state to posses the long gun and have that license with them (see Section 2(8)). Since most if not all states don't do this, kiss all revenue from out-of-state hunters and shooters coming to Michigan good-bye, considering they can't legally bring a firearm into this state. Ooops.

The bill gets even dumber as there's a definite error in it that negates the actual registration of long guns as it only requires the paperwork be done on them but then the law as badly written as it is does not require the form to be sent in to the State Police so it conceivably just sits around for no purpose, except if you fail to keep a copy as a buyer, you have no way to prove you complied with the law - that's a trap if there ever was one.

In short, it's a perfect example of a stupid law, with unintended and intended bad consequences that likely will go nowhere and is being introduced just to play to the anti-gun base. Now, if there was a Democrat governor and the Democrats held a majority intbeh House I'd be worried, as it is, this bill should go nowhere.

But do tell me again how urging Republicans, conservatives and pro-gun people to vote for a known anti-gun Democrat for governor will lead to pro-gun nirvana in Michigan.

Thanks to NRA-ILA for the email alert regarding this bill.

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Murphy's Law said...

Anyone who has spent any time on that "RightMI" website knows that it's full of union tools trying to swing votes to the Dems and the usual blathering dimwits who just hate whoever is in office, period.