Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Mother's Day USPSA Match

So this morning, after giving some happy Mother's Day wishes and bringing Natasha, the world's best mom a coffee to her bedside, I got to go head to the range for a match.

First match of the season, and the first time I've shot in about almost a month. As you can guess, I was a bit rusty.

I ran my M&P 9mm in production class and it ran perfectly - no issues and shot very well for me indeed, so i;m well and truly back on the M&P Kool-Aid.

On the upside, on my first stage, the shoot house, every hit was in the A-zone and all steel was dropped, with no misses. I was slow, but accurate.

Some of the stages were rather fiendish in that many targets could  only engaged from some locations, but even then you had to be at the proper angle to see them - whip by to fast and you had an unengaged target and lots of penalties.  Even worse some targets were visible from multiple ports, leaving you to womnder if you had already engaged them from a previous port as you were moving.

Happily, this match I paid close attention to the angles and left had no target unengaged. Others weren't as lucky, especially if they had a malfunction that threw them off their plan.  Overall I had some very decent runs, smooth draws and magazine changes and very good accuracy.

The classifier this time was CM 13-02 Down The Middle. Basically it's 4 targets in an offset line with only the center of each a shootable area to count as a hit, I didn't set the world on fire, but I had all 8 of 8 shots scored hits, and all of them were A-zone with a time of 7.81 seconds.

Here's a video of how to do this classifier quick, demonstrated by one of the shooters in the squad, in a tad over 4 seconds:

Yes, he's got a racegun, but with practice, even shooting Production I should be able to get my time down significantly from 7.81 seconds to something more respectable and still not drop any hits, so that's something to work on.

So it was a great match with a great bunch of people.

More practice and I'll be in better shape for June's match.