Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Grey Man Vignettes - A Darn Good Read

I just finished The Grey Man: Vignettes (Volume 1) , by none other than the Real Most Interesting Man In The World Himself, Old NFO.

In short, its a darn good read, fast paced, solid plot, good character development and one of the protagonists has a damn fine first name.

If you like to shoot and like books that get details about shooting right, get the book.

If you like well-written action novels, with a you-are-there flavor, get the book.

If you like books that get military details right, get the book.

If you want to support a fellow blogger par excellence, get the book.

If you want him to write a sequel, and considering Amazon has it titled as "Volume 1", buy it to encourage him to write Volume 2 so, get the book.

Heck, just go get the book and read it already. You won't be sorry.


OldAFSarge said...

So you're saying I should get the book?

(Heh, sorry couldn't resist. But I do need to get the book, I consider Old NFO a friend. What kind of friend doesn't buy and read a friend's book? Jeepers. Now I feel bad about myself. Um, coffee. All better now. I am obviously not fully caffeinated yet. I will work on that first!)

Old NFO said...

Thank you sir! I appreciate the good words!

Aaron said...

OldAFSarge: I am indeed suggesting such. :-)

Yes, have coffee, then let your mouse do the walking to and get the book.

Old NFO: You're most welcome good sir, and I appreciated the good read. Nicely done indeed.