Monday, May 12, 2014

Again, Let's Play Name That Party

Here's the news today about sentencing on a Detroit-area drug ring. The hot news is that 3 of the four defendants failed to show up for the verdict and are on the lam.

The fourth however, did get some mention in the Detroit Free Press, and he's the focus of today's example in media bias by omission: 3 drug dealers flee federal custody in Detroit minutes before guilty verdict read

A fourth defendant, Kenneth Daniels, a former state representative, did appear to hear the jury’s verdict. He was convicted of money laundering.

You'll note that Mr. Daniels' political party is conspicuously not mentioned.

Yep, he's a Democrat.

The money laundering conviction should have tipped you off if you had any doubts. After all, Democrats are obsessed with spending other people's money, so they've got no problems occasionally washing s other people's money.

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