Saturday, February 22, 2014

2 DGUs Reported In Detroit And A Threat Made Against The Police Chief All In The Same Week

Two serious defensive firearm uses in Detroit this week. In both cases, the bad guys were driven off and no good people were killed, and one bad guy's life of crime has been permanently ended.

The Detroit News: Detroit homeowner kills 1 intruder, wounds another

Two men who broke into a southwest Detroit house early Saturday morning encountered an armed homeowner who opened fire, killing one of the intruders and wounding the other.

The incident is the second this week involving a homeowner who used a firearm to fend off intruders.

. . .

“After two men broke into the home, one of the suspects attempted to hit the homeowner with a tire-iron,” Johnson said. “A struggle ensued, and the homeowner managed to shoot both of them.”

A 21-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene of a gunshot wound to the chest, Johnson said. The second suspect, ran away.

On Monday, a woman made national news after she fired at three teens, ages 14, 14 and 15, who broke into her northwest side home. The teens were quickly arrested and charged with home invasion.

Two DGUs in one week, both positively reported. In Detroit.

And Chief Craig gets my continued kudos for sticking to his support of armed civilians:

Craig has repeatedly stressed his belief that the city’s crime rate would be lowered if more responsible citizens were armed, because criminals would think twice about attacking them.

“I’ve said it many times: Good Americans with guns can help deter crime,” Craig said.

I really like this Police Chief. Unlike his predecessor Detroit PD chiefs, he's neither involved in affairs with his subordinates, ignoring laws, nor slavishly toeing the Democrat party line on firearms while breaking firearms laws.

So yes, I think finally Detroit has an effective and first-rate no-BS Police Chief.

He's also actually enforcing the laws and making a serious effort going after serious criminals, again unlike his predecessors.

So much so, a drug dealer has threatened him personally:

The Detroit News: FBI investigates death threat against Detroit Police chief

Craig believes the man who made the threat is upset because police are costing him money by ramping up the number of drug-house raids they conduct.

“We’re raiding, on average, 35 dope houses a week, and we’ve done five large-scale sweeps, and it’s putting a serious crimp in the dope dealers’ money,” Craig said. “What I take from this is, what we’re doing is working. This guy actually did me a favor, because he let me know we’re making a difference by going after these dope dealers.”

That's a big mistake threatening a quality Police Chief like Craig, a very big mistake indeed. Hopefully, they catch this stupid guy quick and put him away for a good long time.

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ProudHillbilly said...

Loved watching the video of the punks that broke in and then got chased away by rifle toting mama. But Detroit must grow 'em dumb - that one who dropped his gun in the snow and then, on finding it, walked right back up to the door was lucky she didn't drop him right then.