Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Stupid Firefighter Trainee Causes His Dreams To Go Up In Smoke

and land in prison too.

The Detroit Free Press: Michigan firefighter trainee set apartment blaze so he could battle fire

The fail in this case truly burns.

A former DeWitt Township Fire Department trainee will spend the next five to 35 years in prison for setting fire to an apartment building so he could battle the blaze. The fire destroyed the building and displaced about two dozen residents. Matthew Thomas Landfair, 36, admitted to setting the fire in July at the Alana Woods apartment complex where he lived because he wanted to make a fire run.

So he could fail even harder, he decided to set his fire by a natural gas line - what could possibly go wrong?

Landfair, who joined the Fire Department in late 2012, ignited wood mulch piled around a natural gas line about 3 a.m., Clinton County Prosecutor Charles Sherman said during the sentencing hearing.

The fire burned through the line and ignited the gas, creating a blowtorch effect, he said.

Landfair then drove away, presumably to the firehouse so he could come back and fight the fire.

As Vodkapundit often says, "You know you're not supposed to do that, right?"


Old NFO said...

Sigh... NOT the first time this has happened... Remember the Fire Marshal in LA???

Aaron said...

Yeah, they didn't get the memo that firefighters are supposed to put out residence fires, not start them.