Monday, February 10, 2014

Pay Attention Class, We Can only Show You This Once . . . . Al Qaeda Scores Own Goal In Iraq Suicide Bomber Training Class

Call it a premature explosion, call it exploding with happiness, call it finding out what that button does.

Any way you name it, a bunch of members of Al Qaeda in Iraq just managed to blow themselves up real good.

Fox News (Associated Press): Militants accidentally set off own car bomb at training camp in Iraq, leaving 21 dead

Notice how the AP labels people making car bombs and suicide vests designed to go off in crowded civilian areas "militants". Even that linguistic bias supporting the enemy can't take away from the happy gist of the story:

Militants accidentally set off their own car bomb Monday at a training camp in the countryside north of Baghdad, leaving 21 dead and resulting in two dozen arrests, Iraqi officials said.

. . . .

A police officer said the militants were attending a lesson on making car bombs and explosive belts when a glitch set off one of the devices.

The officer said security forces rushed to the area after hearing the sound of the explosion. They arrested 12 wounded suspected militants plus another 10 trying to flee the area.

Security forces found seven car bombs, several explosive belts and roadside bombs after searching two houses and a garage in the orchard, he said.

Oh those wacky Iraqis, always going out with a bang.

Apparently Jeff Dunham was just slightly ahead of his time with Ahmed the Dead Terrorist:

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