Saturday, February 08, 2014

Global Warming, My Frostbite!

Here's the latest in Michigan Global Warming news:

Bitter, cold temperatures settle in across Michigan

Bitter cold temps cover 79% of Great Lakes in ice

Yeah, that Global Warming theory is working out real well.

Reality is dousing it with a bucket of cold snow.

Clicking on that link takes you to post where you'll graphically see that even as the IMF Chief tries to scaremonger the ever-coming threat of Global Warming, none of 73 of the global warming climate models match the actual observed temperature. None of them. All of them are instead way too high predicting warming that is not happening.

The IMF, IPCC, Obama and assorted other progressives want to throw our economy and indeed the industrialized world's economy into an even greater tailspin based on such shoddy "science". Or instead of calling it shoddy science, should we say instead it's based on shoddy progressive policy preferences pretending to be science?

Go check out the Hockey Schtick blog. It's worth your while as you huddle to keep warm this winter under all this global warming.


Old NFO said...

Globull warming my frostbit ass...

Aaron said...

Old NFO: I know, I've just received a few more inches of fresh global warming this morning.

At what point, if ever, will the warmists face the actual observable evidence that global warming isn't happening and declare they were wrong?

ProudHillbilly said...

But don't you get it - globull worming causes globull cooling...

Aaron said...


Global Warming can do everything!

It's the perfect unfalsifiable theory for leftists both seeking a religion without that whole church/temple attendance thing, and for pushing an agenda that gives government and bureaucrats control of the economy in order to save the planet.

What's not to like?