Tuesday, September 17, 2013

So Do The Media And Gun Banners Have The Navy Yard Story Straight Yet?

The media started out with an original claim of three attackers.

Then just one.

Then one who used another person's security pass and an AR-15, pistol and shotgun.

The latest is he used his own security clearance and pass to get into the Navy Yard, and that he used a Remington 870 pump shotgun, and 2 pistols that he took off dead guards that he shot and no AR-15.

In short, the media got just about everything wrong except for the location and that a firearm was involved.

Oh, and he was apparently not institutionalized after displayed lots of erratic behavior and being treated for paranoid psychosis. Nor was he criminally charged after multiple firearm offenses that reportedly coincided with psychotic episodes. In other words, the system failed yet again to stop an identified dangerous and mentally ill individual before he committed murder.

Before the lefties starts pounding the table for more assault weapons bans, and especially now that the facts have come out that no "assault weapons" were used by the nutcase who should have been institutionalized, would the lefties please shut up and address dealing with the mentally ill to actually prevent them from being free to wander onto "secure" installations and commit murder?

As an aside, the dead nutcase is tarnishing a very fine first name and shall be addressed as nothing more than dead nutcase on this blog.


ProudHillbilly said...

I decided that I gotta get me one of them there AR-15 shotguns they were talking about at one point. They're rare. So rare that they've never been made. But journalists never let a little detail like facts get in their way.

Aaron said...

Actually there is the MK1919 Akdal which is a shotgun that looks like an AR-15, but it wasn't used here (I'm beginning to think I want one thought). In any case, I bet dollars to doughnuts that the media talking heads pontificating about AR-15 shotguns don't even know it exists.