Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bad Drivers Really Shouldn't Text 'N' Drive

So I'm minding my own business eastbound in the right lane on 14 Mile today.

All of a sudden this gold colored Chrysler sedan car in the left lane starts not only zipping up but edging into my lane and me.

I honk the horn to no avail, and this idiot keeps coming. I had to hop the curb to create space, honking the whole time.

How the collision was avoided I'm still not sure. Amazingly there's no paint from her car on the side of mine, it was that close.

Turns as we come to a stop light, and she actually stops, that the driver is a young black lady with her head down, texting away.

The front of her car, a gold Chrysler sedan, license plate CHF 4997, is quite banged up with at least two distinct impacts, and I can bet I know the reasons why.

She keeps merrily rolling along, head down in traffic, texting away, cutting off two more cars as she swerves into the left lane and back, almost causing another collision, and finally she jumps from the right lane all the way to the left turn lane and heads north.

Sheesh. Look dumbass, you may want to put the phone down and concentrate on keeping your car straight or quit driving, other people you cut off like that aren't going to be as patient with you as I was.

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