Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Calling For A Study Of Locks After The Horse Has Already Left The Barn

You'd think the military and the politicians controlling the military, after the Ft. Hood shooting, would have realized that having insufficient security coupled with the occupants of their bases being defenseless in gun free zones was an invitation to massacre.

It seems to have taken yet another incident for the politicians running the military to call for action, or in this case, a study to determine if they should call for action.

The Detroit Free Press: Navy secretary calls for more security at bases

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus on Tuesday ordered a review of security procedures at Navy and Marine bases following the shooting at the Navy Yards in Washington that killed 12 employees. It is to be completed by Oct. 1.

"Our Sailors, Marines, and civilians are familiar with the dangers of service, but our security is something we can never take for granted," Mabus said in a statement. "I ordered a review of every Navy and Marine Corps base in the United States to ensure that we live up to our responsibility of taking care of our people. "

Note that he's not even ordering security to be enhanced immediately, only calling for a review of base security.

It should be noted that should the funding and the will to implement be found, the Navy already has people called Marines.

Marines are rather good at guarding things, and ordering them to implement effective guard procedures and rapid reaction forces at each Navy base in case of armed assault would not be outside their area of expertise. That this hasn't been done already is inane.

Let's hope they wake up before another barn door is left wide open, and our military personnel and the civilian support staff in these facilities deserve much better.

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