Sunday, September 08, 2013

Remember The Joke That Canada's Navy Is 3 Canoes And 12 Kayaks?

Well, after a collision at sea, it's down to all of 2 active canoes and 12 kayaks.

The Canadian destroyer HMCS Algonquin, the only Canadian destroyer in the entire Pacific Ocean, is laid-up for repairs after a collision with HMCS Protecteur during an exercise.

HMCS Algonquin is as old as I am, having been commissioned in 1972. She's likely older than the majority of sailors that sail on board her.

With HMCS Algonquin out of service, that leaves the Canadian Navy with 2 41-year old destroyers, 12 frigates, and 4 submarines to cover three oceans.

The National Post: Matt Gurney: Canada needs a bigger fleet

Yes, Yes it does.

With 3 long coastlines, and its increasing trade and international activities and responsibilities, it truly does need a larger navy to ensure Canadian sovereignty.

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