Wednesday, September 25, 2013

You Can Take The Kilpatricks Out Of The Corruption of Detroit , But You Can't Take The Corruption Of Detroit Out Of The Kilpatricks

Whether in the D or in Texas, the Kilpatricks just can't keep their hands out of the till.

The Detroit News: Video captures Carlita Kilpatrick being questioned over cash

A video has surfaced several months after Detroit’s former first lady was let go from her job in Duncanville, Texas, in which Carlita Kilpatrick is questioned over why she had several hundred dollars in undisclosed cash in one of her desk drawers.

A police officer and investigators are seen entering Kilpatrick’s office to discover cash kept in an office desk drawer in the video posted on YouTube on Sept. 16 titled “Show Me The Money” with text “Cash audit results in hidden cash box in the desk of Carlita Kilpatrick.”

Giving a Kilpatrick a job where they handle other people's cash is like putting an arsonist in charge of the matches and gasoline supply. Not a good idea, and one that has predictable results.

At least this time it was only hundreds of dollars versus the hundreds of thousands that Kwame bilked out of the City of Detroit.

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