Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Apparently You Can Win When You Draw On A Drawn Gun Sometimes

David Hardy at Of Arms And The Law has an example up of how you can beat a drawn gun.

He's got the video of a store clerk who, after having a robber draws a gun on him, deflects the robber's arm and then draws and point his own gun at the robbers face.

At which point the robber hastily exits, stage right.

Robbery foiled, no shots fired.

Nicely done.


Keads said...

Indeed. He DID control the perps weapon as he did the draw though. Had to look at it several times as I thought he should be creating space. In that case well done!

Murphy's Law said...

Action beats reaction. Basic concept.

Aaron said...

Keads: Yes, he did have the guys arm as he drew, but lost it as the robber backed away still armed, which was a pretty dangerous and exposed moment.

ML: Yes indeed. So much for the anti's claim that having a gun for self defense is useless because the bad guy would already have his gun out.