Friday, September 27, 2013

With No Help From Detroit's City Council, Belle Isle May Be Saved After All

Belle Isle may finally get out from under its decades of neglect and underfunding due to the misrule of Detroit City Council of this "jewel" of the city.

The Detroit Free Press: Rochelle Riley: Detroit emergency manager Kevyn Orr committed to Belle Isle as state park

The plan seems to be just about the same plan the City Council had rejected prior to the bankruptcy and appointment of the EFM.

In other words, getting Belle Isle out from under the thumb of these idiots is long past due,

Of course, Detroit City Council President Pro-Tem Saunteel Jenkins (D-Idiot, standing in after the former President of the Council, D-Pedophile resigned in disgrace) had this to say about the deal:

“We need to make sure the rules at Belle Isle make sense for a large urban park because those that need that park and the people frequenting the park will be different than those at other state parks,” she said.

Wow. Just imagine, if you can, a white politician saying that about the people currently frequenting the park and its current use.

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Murphy's Law said...

They will be different, all right. In every other state park, crime is low, car-jackings don't ever happen, and people show respect for other park users instead of just driving in with some hoopti that has a five-thousand dollar stereo and sitting around blasting it while drinking and smoking weed. That's all that Detroiters use Belle Isle for and the State is going to need armed Conservation Officers stationed there instead of just park rangers because the typical Detroiter is armed, dangerous, and totally fixated on living the thug life no matter what the laws or park rules say. Detroit police always left Belle Isle unsupervised and gave the hoods the run of it after dark, and if Michigan tries to assert control over it, the natives will get very restless indeed. Best issue the C.O.s some Martini-Henrys and brush them up on their volley-fire tactics.