Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jett, The Heat, And The Slipper

Jett is settling in nicely.

Accidents are down, and personality is up.

He's a mellow puppy and quite good-natured but a bit on the stubborn side.

He is, however, also developing a taste for shoes.

Oh, the shoe? The shoe was left on the floor over there. No idea how it got here. Anyways, don't blame me, 'cause if it's on the floor, then I claim it as mine!

He's just mouthing them and not damaging them, but its best to nip this in the bud I believe. So, I'm regularly taking a shoe away and giving him one of his chew toys in return.

The temperature hit 97 degrees today and he made it very clear after his first walk this afternoon that he wasn't going for another walk in that heat.

Too hot, I'm not going any farther!

Smart dog.

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