Tuesday, September 24, 2013

So, How Bad Is It In Detroit? So Bad They're Even Stealing Bodies And The Money is Now In Demolishing, Not Building Homes

Two stories that illustrate how messed up Detroit has become:

The Detroit Free Press: Confessed body snatcher ordered to stay on medication, serve probation

A Detroit man accused of stealing his father’s corpse from an east side cemetery earlier this year was sentenced this morning and ordered to take medicine for mental health problems.


The Detroit Free Press: About 4,000 blighted Detroit buildings being demolished with $52M in federal cash

The officials gathered on Turner Street off Puritan near Livernois to trumpet $52 million in federal funds the Obama administration is making available to Detroit to help stabilize neighborhoods. It’s estimated that the city has as many as 78,000 vacant and abandoned buildings, and neighbors say the homes become magnets for crime — from drug dealing to thievery of materials inside — pushing down property values and making neighborhoods unsafe.

Note that this grant of $52 million in taxpayer money only demolishes 4,000 homes. In other words, it costs $13,000 to demolish a house in Detroit at prevailing union wages. One would think they could do it for less, given the urgency of the crisis, but people must be paid off after all.

With 78,000 abandoned buildings, it will take at least $962,000,000 to demolish the remainder -- essentially a billion dollars -- that the bankrupt city doesn't have, nor do the Feds really have it to give it. Even if they did, it will not be enough to revive this shattered, Democrat-dominated corrupt mockery of a city.

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