Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Yet Again, You're On Your Own In Detroit

The latest tale in the continuing saga of slow to no police response in Detroit. In two instances Police dispatchers took a jaw-dropping 75 minutes to assign police to respond to a shooting, and 90 minutes for a stabbing respectively.

The Detroit Free Press: Detroit police may charge 2 dispatchers for slow 911 reaction; commander demoted

One dispatcher is accused of taking more than an hour to send officers on calls for family trouble involving a person with a gun on Aug. 30. Police said a woman, who was shot with an AK-47, had called 911 six times.

Even though officers could have been reassigned to answer the “priority one” call — the highest priority — the dispatcher did not do so until about 75 minutes after the initial call to the 13800 block of Bringard, Craig said. The 38-year-old shooting victim was critically injured, and the suspect remains on the loose, according to police.

Craig said the dispatcher apparently delayed sending officers until after a shift change. He said a supervisor also might be investigated.

Another dispatcher is in trouble for taking about 90 minutes to send officers to the stabbing of a woman, who died in a domestic assault in May.

Oh, the Detroit Police will protect you all right, when and if they get around to it.


ProudHillbilly said...

So your legislature doesn't protect you like Colorado's protects their citizens? :-)

Old NFO said...

What is their average response time? I've heard something like 58 minutes...

Aaron said...

ProudHillbilly - if legislature's protection is Democrats claiming the police will be there to protect you so you don't need to protect yourselves, we have a number of "representatives" like that. Not much protection provided by them though,

Old NFO: Depends on who you ask. The police claim its less than 58 minutes, the EFM claims it is an average response of 58 minutes to priority calls.

As one might expect, the statistics coming out of Detroit are wholly unreliable, and I'd expect the real response time is even worse.