Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dive 242 Union Lake Scooter Dive

Dive 242 with the guys in Union Lake meant one thing - Scooter Time!

Chad had his new DiveX Cuda 400, Keith and Fred bopth had their DiveX Sierra and I got to use the ol' DiveX Sierra Scooter as well.

 First, we kicked out from shore to the photocopier boat and tied off the flag:

Keith and the flag, note the scooter stowed clipped off on his left side.

 Then we deployed the scooters from their stowed positions and got ready to go:

Chad prepares to start stylin' with the Cuda
Then off you go.

Scooter diving is very relaxed diving.  You let the scooter do the work and you hang on behind it and just take it easy.  No heavy kicking, just flying through the water.

Unfortunately, visibility was sucky with an extra side of suck. Between the lake turning over and a lot of boats tooling around the visibility was minimal.

 At least we saw a fish. This one followed us around the lake for a while:

We scootered out to the boat that has its bow buried into the muck with its stern end facing the surface like an obelisk:

It looks more impressive in person....

 Hopefully when the viz clears we'll get out there again and I'll get some pics of the whole boat rising from the muck as it looks pretty cool looming out of the gloom.

After a while we headed back along the lines and stowed away the scooters, and did our deco stops at 20, 15 and 10 feet.

It was a very fun dive, as Keith indicated during the deco stop:

Dive Time: 66 minutes
Gas Used: 1400 psi
Water temp: 67 at the surface, 55 at the bottom.

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