Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Oh, Perhaps That's Why The NAACP Issued A Travel Advisory To Florida

On Memorial Day, a shootout between "two different groups" led to 9 people many not a part of the two "groups" being shot and wounded on a crowded beach.

Florida Today: Florida Memorial Day shooting: What we know about injured, suspects in Hollywood Beach

Yahoo news:  Hollywood, Fla., Memorial Day beach shooting leaves 9 injured: What we know

Both of these initial reports, and every other one I've come across so far very much did not state what they know.

All stories actually deliberately failed to truly identify an important piece of information that was known about the suspects, leaving out a rather important piece of identification that was pretty relevant tpo potentially apprehending the criminals.  

The stories also happened to fail to report on the identity and the nature of these groups.

Not until now do we get photos of the suspects and those in custody, and yep they are very much as you might suspect based on the deliberate lack of prior identification. At least people can now stop pointing fingers at the Amish for this event.

Verily, the NAACP is doing quite a public service warning Black people to stay out of Florida to prevent them from being shot by other Black people.

That was after all why they issued their travel warning, right?  Oh right, that wasn't the reason for it at all. Pity, that.


Old NFO said...

Much like politicians not being identified, you pretty much know it's going to be a democrat.

pigpen51 said...

This is in my opinion, the worst form of racism.