Thursday, May 18, 2023

Kinda Neat: The Titanic Scan of The Titanic

More than 111 years after she sank, we have a new and impressive view of the Titanic as she now rests on the ocean floor.

The Detroit News: First full-size 3D scan of Titanic shows shipwreck in new light

Using submersibles Magellan / Atlantic scanned the entire wreck, and over 700,000 images were then put together.  The images included scans of the ship itself and an area around it of 3 miles to capture debris that had fallen from the wreck - shoes and even watches are visible in the composite image.

The BBC has a portion of the video of the composite image and it's pretty darn amazing what this technology can do.

The wreck of the Titanic is slowly rusting away and collapsing upon itself on the seafloor, 12,500 feet down.

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Matthew W said...

Very impressive technology !!