Monday, November 28, 2022

You Can Bet This Incident Will be Recorded As A "School Shooting"

Fox 2 Detroit: 3 suspects sought by Detroit police after Henry Ford High School students shot in ambush

Two students were both struck in a drive-by shooting outside Henry Ford High School in Detroit Monday afternoon in what police say is a targeted attack.

Chief James White said the injuries were not life-threatening, however, but victims were struck twice during the attack. Three suspects are now sought in the ambush.

"We know who we're looking for," said Detroit Police Chief James White.

          .     .      .

"We are looking for three African-American males possibly all three wearing masks," White said. "No one else is at risk it appears to be an isolated incident, (a result) of a conflict that groups were having.

It looks like T-Dog, Jr. and Ray-Ray, Jr., while turning their lives around, ticked off a rival gang that decided to do some drive-by payback as conflict resolution.   Since the police know who they are looking for, I expect the criminals involved will have prior records, if not gun-owning disqualifying felonies. To no one's surprise, said criminals will have been somehow free to drive around the streets and obtain firearms to commit crimes.

Unfortunately, being on/near school grounds, various anti-gun organizations and the media will consider and record this a "school shooting" (note the handy statistics site linked, that is often referenced by the media, et al  considers an event a :"school shooting" even if no one is shot, and even counts an event as a "school shooting" when a firearm is not even discharged) rather than a gang-related crime of violence independent of a school as a reason for the shooting, and add it to their misleading statistics.


Old NFO said...

In a gun free zone, no less...sigh

Aaron said...

Old NFO: Of course, which makes the whole event un-possible. After all, we all know that gun-free zones stop crime and firearms-related criminal acts, right?