Thursday, September 22, 2022

The Case of The Dyslexic Who Married an Insomniac Atheist

Had a weird one in court today.

Friend of mine had called me that he got a notice to appear in court for a crime he did not recall committing, nor did he recall even getting a ticket for it.

He apparently got ticketed for not having a licensed dog.  This is a misdemeanor in Michigan.

The problem is he does not have any dog -- licensed or otherwise.

Turns out there were census workers going around his neighborhood, knocking on doors and if they heard a dog they told police who then wrote the owner of the house a ticket.

Somehow they wrote him up for one and we're not sure how it happened.

Managed to talk with the prosecutors prior to the hearing today, and had to go in and put on the record that he does not own a dog, and the ticket was then dismissed.

Quite a waste of time for all involved.

So what happens when a dyslexic marries an insomniac atheist?

You get a bunch of kids running around in the middle of the night saying:

"There is no Dog."

In this case, there really is no dog.


B said...

Having a dog in your house that can be heard is a ticketable offense?

Aaron said...

The offense is having a dog without a dog license, which is, amazingly a misdemeanor.

Even more amazingly, police are taking the word of census workers that bang on the dog and then claim they hear a dog in a house that doesn't have a dog license, and then issuing the tickets.

Kinda nuts.

Old NFO said...

Snort... Figures... Only in Detroit!