Saturday, August 15, 2020

Range Trip - Some Drill Improvements Noted

So Today I met up with Tosh and his friend Duffy at the range for some more focused practice.

Tosh had ordered and on Friday received a steel A-Zone target, so this was going to be fun. It made scoring the targets much easier and the ping was the thing - if you didn't hear it you missed.  No need to recover the A zone or wonder if you hit it at 25 yards.

We first did 3x2 Drills on paper targets at 3 yards. Typically I was shooting them pretty clean in about 3.5 seconds but was having trouble getting faster than that today.

For the 7 yard 1 shot from concealment, my best time today was down to 1.1 seconds which was happy-making, considering last time I was doing my best at 1.5 seconds so that was a nice improvement. 1.0 is the goal there, and I'm getting close.

Then for the Bill Drills, but the best time I think I had today shooting it clean was 3.71 so I still need to work on that. 

Seems like I'm now having the most problems on the multiple shot drills.  So, more stuff to practice.

For the single shot at 25 yards from concealment my best time was 1.58 seconds which was must better than my best time of 1.98 the last go-round:


That felt pretty good, and if I can shave off .08, I can meet my goal on that drill at least. 

A very good time was had by all and we all saw some improvement in our shooting by practicing these drills. A lot of dryfire practice also seems to be paying off as well.

 That's another 350 rounds through the Masada with no issues.  Now, I need to find more ammo.

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