Monday, August 31, 2020

Detroit's Voting Rolls Ripe For Fraud

Detroit has more registered voters than actual eligible voters on their voting rolls, by a lot.

How much is a lot?  By 36,570 more than actual voters.

Crains Detroit Business: Detroit has more registered voters than residents over 18, Census finds

There's at least 2,503 dead people on the rolls with one having been born in 1823 and yet still on the voter registration list.

Considering Trump won all Michigan by only 10,704 votes, the potential for games to be played with a pool of 36,570 fake voters by the always impressively slow and inefficient Democrat-controlled Detroit Clerks office is rather high. When they have a pool of 36,570 registered but non-existent voters to play with, the potential for games is rather large.  Add to that the potential for voter fraud by mail where these 36,570 non-existent but registered voters don't need to show up and vote in person, and it can get right sporty.

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drjim said...

More likely it will get quite sporty....