Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Do Check Your Ammo

With the current super-high demand for ammo and all manufacturers going at capacity, some slips are going to happen.


From a recent box of Federal American Eagle 9mm:

One bullet was not like the others:

Yes, it's a bullet perfectly loaded into a case - backwards.  Makes for an interesting 9mm hollow point.  

Did not try firing it.

Even 99.999% quality control means something will eventually slip by 0.001% of the time and when you're producing billions of rounds. . . .

No damage done, but it pays to actively look at your ammo from the box as you're loading it.


Murphy's Law said...

I've bought Russian TULA with primers in upside down or crushed in sideways. In fact I think once was when you and I took that Ayoob class in Grand Rapids.

drjim said...

Just went through all my rifle ammo. Wiped the rounds down, checked them, and reboxed them. Did the same for all my M1 ammo, and put the "loose" rounds into en bloc clips, and filled my bandoleers.

Aaron said...

ML: Yep, I remember that happening. It was back in 2002. Can you believe it?

drjim: Nice.