Thursday, May 28, 2020

Gov Half-Whit Caught Lying Yet Again

This one is more serious than the boat story,

Remember if you will, how Michigan just happened to select a no-bid contract to a major Democrat Donor firm working on her reelection campaign for contact tracing.

She the stated she had nothing to do with it, no idea how it was approved, and the whole thing was just an "Unnecessary Distraction", and tried to blame it all on underlings at the health department doing it without her knowledge.

Looks like that was a lie as well, the directives to go with the contract came form her office.

Washington Free Beacon: Internal Emails Contradict Michigan Governor’s Story on Controversial Coronavirus Contracts Whitmer's office gave 'green light' on contract awarded to Dem consulting firm

I'm sure that Gov Half-Whit's pet AG Dana Nessel is all over this in her investigation and will certainly not cover this malfeasance up, at all.

Yep, if you believe this very partisan AG will act in a non-partisan way and seek the actual truth of this rather than bury it, I happen to have a real nice bridge connecting the upper and lower peninsula of Michigan for sale at a great price - but only if you act today!


Old 1811 said...

I can remember when Michigan had a reputation for relatively clean government. Of course, I was living in Illinois at the time.

drjim said...

She needs to be recalled or impeached!

Pigpen51 said...

As I have said before, I hope that the Empress in Lansing doesn't get to attached to her digs in the governor's mansion. Because she is only going to be serving one term.
Even the people who like her, will be pissed off,when they find out just how much of a hit in lost revenue, due to no income tax being paid by the many workers laid off, Michigan will have to find some way to make up. I talked to my son tonight. He is an apprentice electrician,and is laid off. His boss and the journeymen are working, but they don't know for how long or if the bigger jobs that they had, will still be there,when the idiot in Lansing allows the businesses to open back up. My son is considering finding a new field to work in,if he doesn't get called back by July, which is when the federal governments 600$ extra payment for unemployment stops.
I am just as angry with her flimsy excuse for her husband trying to use his position as the governor's husband to get his boat put into the water sooner that was allowed. The governor said on the television that he was trying to make a joke, and that it was not funny. I am afraid that unless she believed herself, then nobody in Michigan actually believed that her husband was joking. She would have been better served if she had simply said, truthfully, that her husband tried to use his position as the governor's husband,it didn't work,and she yelled at him when she found out,and he will never pull a stunt like that ever again. At least people could believe that,and it would have made her look a lot less of an idiot, for thinking that we automatically believe any lie that she tells us,because she is the governor.
I was seeing about a 50% cooperation rate with the face covering in stores. Now,as I go about, I see perhaps a 10% cooperation rate with masks. People are tired of her continually moving the finish line,and changing the criteria for when the state can reopen.
I must say, I only have worn a mask when I have to go some place that absolutely requires it,like a doctor's office. If a store won't let me in without a mask, I find a different store to take my money. I am not sure what the law is on her powers, but I believe that she is overstepping her role, as governor,and I think that our U.S. Constitution gives us freedoms that are not simply able to be taken away by the actions of one person at the state level.Especially not without a legal ruling in a trial before a court.
Even if she has the power,which I doubt,I still refuse to be told to stay in my home by any governmental bureaucrat, unless I am either sick or have been exposed to someone who is sick.