Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Will She, Nil She? Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence Does Backflips On Impeachment

Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence (D-MI 14) my Congressional District (sigh), recently came out and said she was against impeaching Trump and instead for censure.

Apparently this didn't sit well with the Democrat powers that be, as she likely got a talking-to and she quickly back-flipped and came back out in favor of impeachment.

RedState: Michigan Democrat Makes Stunning Reversal on Impeachment, Becomes First One to Suggest Censure Instead (UPDATE: She Flips Back!)

Understand that here in Michigan, Lawrence is in a very, very, safe Democrat district comprising mainly of Detroit and some Democrat dominated districts to the northwest. For all intents and purposes it is practically impossible for a Republican to win this district as structured.

So why backing away and then the backflip?

Perhaps she realizes what everyone else following the "inquiry" has already figured out - it's damn thin gruel, based on hearsay, done with rigged procedural rules, supposition, and not a high crime nor misdemeanor to be found.

In short, it's Impeach Orange Man Bad because Orange Man Bad and because the Democrats probably can't beat him in a fair election with the current candidates they're trying to run against him so if this sham weakens him so much the better for them.

Congresswoman Lawrence tends to be quite smart so far as Democrats go, so for her to realize this impeachment proceeding would likely backfire on the Dems shows she has a decent connection to reality and knows that the public isn't buying the charade.

She just tried to pull her party back from the brink to a nice safe attack on Trump with a censure vote that they would have locked up in the House, facts be damned.

A censure vote would have been a nice easy hit, rather than continuing the inquiry and going on to having a trial in the Senate with actual evidence, witnesses, and normal procedural and evidentiary rules rather than a kangaroo court inquiry where the Dems control the entire process. It may very well end in a censure vote once the Dems complete their inquiry and realize it's not going anywhere substantively and they've milked it for all the soundbites and innuendo about the Orange Man Bad that they can.

While its a great show for their radical left base, their impeachment inquiry likely won't last long enough to be dragged out and turn into an October surprise, and most people aren't impressed with the nonsense.

Instead of listening to their Cassandra, the Dems pushed her back onto the impeachment track, hard.


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

The democrats really went down the rabbit hole with the impeachment thing. I have a gut feeling that this will screw thing over in 2020. The hard left is applauding this because "orange man bad" and everyone else is saying "Really??!"

Old NFO said...

Hehehe, love watching the crap play out as the Dems look at those hole cards...

Beans said...

Within the Dem party, not toeing the line and following what the Dem leadership says will get your funding cut and get you primaried out. Seen it before, will see it again.

It's one of the reasons why all the Dems seem to move as a giant school of fish, many numbers but all one brain.

And they (the Dems) will turn against their own if one wishes to escape the school...