Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Glock And P80 Ejection Enhancements

If you have a 9mm 3rd Generation Glock, or if say, you happen to be building a P80 frame into a Not-A-Glock, you likely have an ejector that looks like this, especially if you recently bought a Glock frame completion kit online:

Note the narrow point at the end of the ejector.

This design can, but not always, cause ejection issues including failure to eject the brass completely from the firearm and stovepipes.

This is rather disheartening especially as Glock is generally the standard for reliability when it comes to 9mm pistols.

Luckily, there is a fix: You replace the 3rd Gen ejector with a 4th Generation ejector:

Note how much more meaty and squared off the tip of that 4th gen ejector is compared to the troublesome part #336.

These go for around $7 or so from places like Midway and Brownells. A nice inexpensive fix to what can be a very frustrating problem.

However, the 4th Generation trigger block that contains the ejector does not fit in the 3rd generation frame. So a little finagling is needed.

On the back of the ejector block, there's a small metal bit of the end of the ejector showing. Using a small flat head screwdriver, you can push it out from there (not from the front or you'll bend it) until it comes free.

This pops it out the front:

Then place the 4th Gen ejector into the slot from the front, and push it all the way into place until it fits completely flush, then reassemble.

Done, and no more ejection problems for you.

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