Tuesday, November 26, 2019

IWI Masada Rounds 751-850

Today after work I met up with the members of my Synagogue's "Sports Club" at the range.

Since the membership of the Synagogue tends to veer leftwards, we don't dare call it a shooting club, some congregants might get the vapors.

We had a good turn out tonight, actually getting a full minyan at the range.

Among those were a couple gentlemen who hadn't shot before.

I got to coach them and used the M&P Compact .22 with the silencer on it as a teaching tool.

Nice, quiet, and easy to shoot, it's a very easy way to get new shooters to learn how to shoot without really loud bangs and recoil to distract them. Big smiles resulted.

They did great and I had them try out the Masada as well. Even more smiles.

They both enjoyed it and did quite well, as the Masada is now even easier to shoot and accurately hit the target.

Since it's the Masada ORP, meaning Optics Ready Pistol, it was time to mount an Optic.

It's a Trijicon SRO and mounting it on to the Masada could not have been easier. Using the included RMR plate and screws that came with the Masada, installation was no fuss, no muss, and simple as it could be and very solid.

Shooting with the SRO is a pleasure - place dot on target location, squeeze trigger, bullet then lands on the spot marked by the dot.

100 rounds of M882 9MM Ball ammo shot with zero failures including being shot by people who have never shot a gun before.


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

Now I really want one...LOL

John in Philly said...

The Compact .22 is a great training tool and it has been very helpful in getting someone I know back from flinching.

If only someone could find a way to harvest the residual fun and smiles left at shooting ranges!