Tuesday, November 05, 2019

The Practice Of Law Can Be Both Strange And Fun Sometimes

Sometimes, the practice of law is rather enjoyable.

Today I get to sue a psychic. Really. For fraud among other things. Basically she charged the client a lot of money for "career counseling" and failed to provide any. We won't go into why my client had the strange idea of seeking career coaching from a psychic of all people, but that's a whole other story.

I really can’t wait to ask the psychic in court: “So, you failed to see this lawsuit coming, eh?”


Old NFO said...

Um... er... SMDH and moving on... :-)

drjim said...


Nuke Road Warrior said...

I keep thinking that being a pet psychic is the ideal scam. Client: "You said Fuffy wanted Friskies, but now she only eats Wiskas." Me: "When she communicated with me she wanted Friskies, I can't be responsible if she can't read the label on the box."