Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Using The Internet To Shop For Illegal Substances Is Not A Good Idea

Apparently one fellow's bright idea to get drugs is to order a synthetic opiod from China on the "dark web".

He then takes some and promptly dies.

When your street-side pharmacist is now located a few thousand miles away, there's not much opportunity to complain about the product nor to check on the reputation of the provider.

The Detroit Free Press: White Lake man, 19, dies from injecting 'dark web' opioids

“Labs in Asia make this stuff and sell it,” McNulty said. “People have no idea what they’re actually getting and shooting up; there’s a lot of this synthetic stuff around and it's very dangerous.”

No kidding. The buyer had no idea about the reputability of the manufacturer, the product is being bought clandestinely, and there is no guarantee as to what is even in the powder you're about to place in your body or if it is even what you think it is.

What could possibly go wrong with that plan?

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juvat said...

Yes, well, the gene pool has been sanitized a bit.