Saturday, October 15, 2016

Dumb Clowns Getting Closer

The Detroit News: Armed clown allegedly chases teen in West Bloomfield

A panicked 17-year-old thought he was being chased by an armed clown in West Bloomfield Township when he banged on a stranger’s door to ask for help, police said.

. . .

“He said he was running from a clown that was chasing after him with a knife,” Lawson said.

The teen told investigators he was jogging along Pontiac Trail when he heard someone run through the woods toward him.

Pontiac Trail is getting a little too close for comfort, considering I've walked along there myself and often drive over there as there's a very nice nature trial good for walking the dog and enjoying a long walk outdoors.

Apparently that's the 4th clown incident in West Bloomfield.

Monday’s incident was the fourth clown encounter in the township in about two weeks, Lawson said.

“Although it appears most of these incidents are pranks, there’s a potential that there’s going to be a negative outcome and someone is going to feel threatened and feel the need to defend themselves,” Lawson said. “That’s our biggest concern right now.”

No kidding. Nothing good is going to come out of masked clowns threatening people with knives, whether the knives are real or not.


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

I worked for about 20 months at Pontiac Truck Assembly building pickup trucks. One of my co-workers claimed to have called (and shot!) coyotes in the Square Lake Road cloverleaf. Good camo is essential for urban hunting.

That is an interesting part of the world.

Old NFO said...

.45 to the body usually slows them down. Just sayin'...

Aaron said...

Joe Mama: Yep, there's plenty of wild life wandering around this area, and now we have wandering creepy clowns.

Old NFO: It likely would. I'd prefer to avoid that if at all possible though...