Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Excellent History Podcasts

If you're looking to,listen to an engaging reading of history, Dan Carlin's Hardcore History is for you.

It's really, really, good stuff and it's an engrossing and enjoyable listen.

Easy to download to your Apple or Android, episodes range from free with the option to give a donation, to paying for the back episodes.

I finished listening to the King of Kings series, a great retelling of the story of the founding of the Persian empire to its end at the hands of Alexander The Great. Having studied this stuff in school, he's got the essence down and many awesome details and a wonderful synthesis of a variety of sources with some outstanding storytelling. Before you get worried, it is not boring at all - far from it.

Now I'm listening to Blueprint To Armageddon, Carlin's take on the First Word War. It's a gripping narration of the events immediately leading up to and then into the First World War itself.

It certainly beats just sitting in traffic, or most of the garbage on the radio that you might otherwise be listening to today hands down, and its excellent history wonderfully recounted and delivered right to your ears.

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