Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Why Gun Control Won't Work - A Continuing Series

When the state can't even keep bullets out of a maximum security prison, it must be hard for gun banners to keep a straight face when they allege gun control and gun bans will work in an open society and such bans will transform it into the mythical gun-free nirvana.

The Detroit News: Bullets found in Ionia prison still puzzling

After all, if the state can't prevent the importation of bullets into a maximum security facility, and indeed the manufacture of homemade guns inside such a facility, it's rather hard to credibly allege that you will stop the existence of firearms in any environment less controlled than a prison. As the examples show, even a prison environment won't make a perfect ban achievable.


ProudHillbilly said...

We are told that we can never find and deport the illegals in this country. If we can't find something that has mass and weight in the +100 lbs range, how can we find a 5 lb gun that can be hidden in a waistband under a loose shirt?

Aaron said...

It's the glory of liberals' magical thinking - illegals = good so they can't be seen, indeed shouldn't even be looked for. However, guns = bad so of course they can be found and confiscated.

Reality however tends to intrude on their happy fantasy.