Saturday, March 21, 2015

If That's How Obama Measures Sucess, I'd Hate to See What He Calls A Failure

Unless, of course, weakening America's standing in the world and handing the Middle East over to Islamic Fundamentalists and Iran was the successful aim.

The Detroit Free Press: Reports: U.S. forces evacuating Yemen air base after losing track of $500 million in weapons recently given to Yemen.

Remember this? Obama Tonight: Yemen and Somalia Are Models of Success.

Expect Somalia to fall even farther apart in short order.

From the Junior Varsity taking over swaths of Iraq to now losing Yemen to Al Qaeda and Iran, Obama's sure been busy losing. Not sure if we should attribute this string of failures to malice, or stupidity, or both.


Glenn B said...

Of course, we could always attribute Obama's failure in the Middle East to George W. Bush as the left usually tries to do. Bush got Obama on one thing for sure though, he did not rekindle the Cold War as Obama has done single handedly.

Scott said...

Malice, certainly. He hates America and has actively been trying to undermine it all his life, good little marxist that he is. He's following the little red playbook to a "T".

I know, I know, I sound like Joseph McCarthy. But it has been apparent from the beginning what he is and what he wants to do.