Tuesday, March 03, 2015

When Afternoon Came It Was Freezing Rain....

Just a lovely day here in southeastern Michigan, complete with inches of Global Warming mixed with sleet and freezing rain to make the commute a true pleasure. I decided to work from home once noon hit to get back before it got worse and to be there for the kids who had school off today and were being dropped back home at noon after doing some volunteer work.

Aside from the fun of wet heavy snow with icy patches underneath, it made clearing off the Driveway of Doom™ ever so much fun.Picking up and heaving heavy snow by a slide after each push of the shovel, throw snow to the side and repeat.

Well, at least I got my workout in for the day and the driveway is the cleanest on the street.

Jett gloried in the snow and after racing around a bit and barking to his heart's content he decided to play a new game.

Jett's game consisted of trying out being a sled-dog. Abby had brought a sled out of the garage to go down our hill and he grabbed it in his teeth and ran off with it. Abby got it back and just as she sat down on it he ran up and gripping the sled with his teeth he pulled Abby all along the snow at the side of the house, both forwards and backwards and had a blast doing it.

Leah meanwhile went sledding down the hill beside the Driveway of Doom™ until she was exhausted.

Not a bad way to spend a snow day.


ProudHillbilly said...

Daughter was hysterical due to road conditions. And spent hours in urgent care today due to fall on ice this morning. I'm betting you guys will be happy when fish fly season gets there becauae the ice will finally be gone.

ProudHillbilly said...
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Murphy's Law said...

Remind me to spend some time with your girls the next time I'm up. They're old enough now to learn about the challenges and the joys associated with the honorable sport of whipping snowballs at passing cars on the main road behind your place.

Oh--and do NOT let your wife read this...she never understands.

Aaron said...

PH: You said it. The roads were remarkably bad yesterday but are ok today. Hope your daughter feels better soon, there's been a lot of people falling on ice recently.

ML: Both kids tend to be pretty law-abiding so I doubr you can coax them into it. Also, She reads the blog, so you're pretty much doomed.

Murphy's Law said...

I weep for the poor, repressed souls of children who have to grow up never having known the delicious rush associated with pegging a car with a slush ball then running for their lives when the car slides to a halt and the driver jumps out and commences to chasing.