Friday, January 17, 2014

Anarcho-Tyranny Mexican-Style

Disarming drug cartels is hard and dangerous work.

So, instead of the hard work involved, the Mexican Army and Police is focusing on disarming citizens who have taken up arms for self-protection from the cartels in frustration as the police and army have failed to enforce the law in Michoacan province.

Note the lovely Freep biased headline: Renegade Mexicans refuse orders to give up. Nope, no bias there guys.

Armed vigilantes who have taken control of territory in lawless Michoacan state to keep out vicious drug cartels are refusing to give up their guns in a standoff with government soldiers.

Residents said a tense calm prevailed on Friday as federal police and soldiers were fanned out over region ranches and lemon groves following a standoff between the vigilantes and police that left four people dead in this region 300 miles west of Mexico City.

. . .

This region has been bedeviled by cartels committing crimes against residents who've been caught between gun wars with no help from law enforcement.

Self-defense groups have marched on at least 15 communities over the past 11 months to run off cartel henchmen and kick out corrupt police officers taking bribes to look the other way. People here say the Mexico government has abandoned them and they had no choice but to arm and fight.

The federal government, however, says it will protect the area and is demanding that the so-called community police forces disarm. Mexico has sent soldiers and the federal police into the region to disarm the groups.....

The Mexican army has in fact fired on unarmed villagers and killed four of them in a stand-off on Monday, read the whole article for all the interesting details.

Interestingly, even with Mexico's very strict gun control laws, the citizens are able to get quite a few items on the country's banned list like 9mm ammunition and as pictured AR-15 rifles, one wonders if some of them are Fast and Furious weapons, or did those solely go to drug cartels?

So the government fails to control criminals and lets them rum amok extorting and killing the citizenry, and then cracks down on the citizenry for the effrontery to dare protect themselves.

Oh, and if you don't know what Anarcho-Tyranny is, go check out Borepatch for a succinct explanation, complete with a plethora of examples.

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